Privacy Policy

The Customer acknowledges that this form captures personal information and by completing and signing this form, the Customer duly grants consent to the processing of its personal information by Transnet and mandated Transnet Officials in accordance with POPIA, and for the purposes of eTender Online Submissions. Processing of personal information in terms of this form shall be limited to achieving the purpose for processing.

The Customer acknowledges that Transnet may only effect further processing of its personal information provided that the purpose for such further processing is compatible with Transnet’s initial purpose for processing such personal information.

The Customer further acknowledges that its failure to grant consent to Transnet to process its personal information as captured in this form may adversely affect, eTender Online Submissions.

The Customer agrees to inform Transnet of any concerns, should it deem that its personal information is not afforded the necessary protection safeguards. Concerns relating to lack of protection safeguards shall be addressed to the Transnet Officials. The Transnet Official dealing with any concerns so raised shall as reasonably practicable take the necessary steps to investigate, report, resolve and close such concerns. The Customer shall reserve its right to lodge a complaint to the Information Regulator, should Transnet fail to deal with the protection safeguard concerns as raised by the Customer.